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My Thought of the Day: Problem of Traditional Education

Lots of people told me that “you have to study hard otherwise you can’t go to a good school for getting a good job” since I was child. They also said “you have to get a brilliant grade in school and can go to a good school.”  I’m sure a lot of people heard similar word from their parent’s, senior and school teacher. In the current situation millions of people losing their jobs and lot’s of graduates can’t get a good job in spite of the fact that they diligently follow the common wisdom from our parents, teachers and many other people. My heart is cringed when some of my friend’s told me that without any Master Degree this is difficult to find the good job.

Cone of learning

Cone of learning

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am not anti-education and I am educating myself every single day.  But, I would say that many things from traditional school system are no longer applied to our current situation. In this blog, I would like to share my thought about problems of traditional school system.

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