Weekend with Millionaires

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Hey friends how are you?

Last weekend I attended the seminar called Affiliate Mastermind Group. I have attended many seminars last three years but this seminar is very different. In this seminar, we learned all about joint venture techniques and how to work together with other business.  More importantly, almost all of attendees and speakers are ready to work together with other parties for the joint venture deals for mutual success.  Anyway, it is enough about the content of the seminar.

Now I want to write about the people I hang out with during the seminar weekend.I literary spent the time with many multi-millionaires (Some are making well-over 10 – 20 million dollars).  Attendees and speakers are book author, investment or life coach and other online businesses. I reconfirmed the many things that I have learned from the personal development and wealth building related books.  In this blog, I would like to share what I have learned from this weekend’s experiences with millionaires.

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Some photos of the great moment:


Great Business Coach Bill Walsh


James Malinchak from Secret Millionaire

Michael Bernoff, great motivational speaker

Michael Bernoff, great motivational speaker

To your success.

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