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Article of the Week: Federal Reserve Partial Audit

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Thanks for your subscription.  I came across with several articles stating about result of Fed’s partial audit.
Instead of $800 billion TARP bailout bill that government was claiming in late 2008, Fed virtually gave away whopping $16 trillion to those international bankers.
How big is $16 trillion?  US GDP is around $15 trillion.  They gave away more than entire US GDP to those bankers.  This is obviously a staggering number…Think about where this money came from?  Of course, this money came from of tax payer via inflation (By the way, Fed and bankers know that they can always let tax payers pick up their tab…)
People should be outraged what Fed has done to us. Unfortunately, most of masses won’t even see (or understand) this information since main stream media (MSM) will never broadcast openly about this.But, make no mistake about it.  If people don’t understand this, they will be slaughtered financially as their wealth will be completely transferred to those people who understand this.To read this week’s article, Click here.
Now, China already announced 800 trillion Yuan stimulus program and ECB President Mario Draghi also announced unlimited bond purchase.  I will give you what this means in most simplistic form:Unlimited bond purchase = QE to InfinityAlso, with disappointing August employment figure, Ben Bernanke may announce another dose of QE program in this week’s FOMC meeting.

If this happens, currency wars will officially start and price of commodities will start to skyrocket. Of course, gold and silver are not exception as price of both gold and silver has increased dramatically over 2 – 3 weeks period.  Becoming your own central bank by owning gold and silver is more important than ever before. Click here for more information about buying gold and silver at wholesale price.

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My Thought of the Day: Prepare for the Worst

Written by Takeshi Yashima
Thursday, 16 August 2012 21:51
I recently heard many things from various sources that possible financial meltdown will be happening soon.  Especially, today’s article from stated all of the things that I have heard very recently and it is something about to happen (Probably within this year in my hunch…).  These includes…

  • Billionaire George Soros and John Paulson are selling so much of their stocks and buying up all the gold. For more please visit: Takeshi Yashima Blog

Today’s Profitable Business Model

Financial AdviceToday i will tell you about a new thought that was published in Takeshi Yashima‘s blog few days ago. This is a new idea, and a new product to create wealth by acquiring the cash flowing websites like Real Estate and making significant treasure from it. The product name is ‘the Intervestor’– a short key for making money online. This is the simplest, easy and profitable formula of buying digital real estate properties from websites that are already making money and selling them on for a profit and using them for immediate cash flow. This product review gives you an idea of buying digital Real Estate for profit.

For the Full review of this product Go to Financial education blog of  Takeshi Yashima.

My Thought of the Day: True Power of Networking

New blog has just been posted in Takeshi Yashima website.


The blog title is “My Thought of the Day: True Power of Networking” and you don’t want to miss.

I have put some text from the article below:


  • Written by Takeshi Yashima
  • Monday, 23 July 2012 20:27

I have heard quite a number of times people say, “Your network is your net worth” or “It is not what you know, but who you know. ” Honestly speaking, I did not know how powerful this statement was until very recently despite having attended many investment meetings over the years.  In this blog, I would like to share my thoughts about networking and the power of connections.

The main reason why I did not understand the power of networking was simply because I did not utilize the true potential of networking at its best.  I thought networking meant simply attending investing or business meetings and getting acquainted with business owners or investors by exchanging the business cards.  Yes.  It is true that I did do some great investment deals with investors that I got to know through those networks. However, this is only part of the networking potential.  Other parts of networking are much more powerful.  Ok, let me explain what I mean by this…..

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Financial education

Importance of financial education

Importance of financial education

Importance of financial education

Financial Education is very useful for everybody. I have seen many news that lots of small business were become bankruptcy because of lack of knowledge in Finance. I will take one example.

I’m Sure that Most of the people must heard about economy falls to serious recession due to bubble burst.For this bubble economy in Japan burst during 1990s, Japanese property price falled dramatically and lots of Japanese companies filed bankruptcy after several years of economic boom (Other asian countries also had similar experiences during late 1990s too).

Same kind of burst happen in United States during 2000 (Tech bubble) and 2006 (Housing bubble). I plan to write about process of bubble economy soon.
My point here is: if more people understand about detail of bubble economy (why and how it is created), much less people will be victimized and destitute due to bubble burst. I am sure that if people can tell whether or not this boom is artificial due to bubble forming, they would not invest in or expand the business……..

In takeshiyashima blog Takeshi written more details about this Article. Here i just written the magnetic part of his article. Go to

Gold Silver Update_July-17

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Dear friends
in valuable goods are the popular topics now a days. Even after crash of
2008 Gold price is increasing and experienced its greatest rise in prices
since 2005 to mid 2007. Although price of both gold and silver are currently
experiencing the consolidation, here comes the time where one can experience
success in gold and silver investments due to some of new information that
positively affects present and future economic market conditions.Takeshi
discussed new information regarding gold and silver updates in his Takeshi
Yashima blog
The blog title is “7-17-12 Gold Silver Update” and you don’t want to miss.
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Weekend with Millionaires

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Hey friends how are you?

Last weekend I attended the seminar called Affiliate Mastermind Group. I have attended many seminars last three years but this seminar is very different. In this seminar, we learned all about joint venture techniques and how to work together with other business.  More importantly, almost all of attendees and speakers are ready to work together with other parties for the joint venture deals for mutual success.  Anyway, it is enough about the content of the seminar.

Now I want to write about the people I hang out with during the seminar weekend.I literary spent the time with many multi-millionaires (Some are making well-over 10 – 20 million dollars).  Attendees and speakers are book author, investment or life coach and other online businesses. I reconfirmed the many things that I have learned from the personal development and wealth building related books.  In this blog, I would like to share what I have learned from this weekend’s experiences with millionaires.

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Some photos of the great moment:


Great Business Coach Bill Walsh


James Malinchak from Secret Millionaire

Michael Bernoff, great motivational speaker

Michael Bernoff, great motivational speaker

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