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Financial education

Importance of financial education

Importance of financial education

Importance of financial education

Financial Education is very useful for everybody. I have seen many news that lots of small business were become bankruptcy because of lack of knowledge in Finance. I will take one example.

I’m Sure that Most of the people must heard about economy falls to serious recession due to bubble burst.For this bubble economy in Japan burst during 1990s, Japanese property price falled dramatically and lots of Japanese companies filed bankruptcy after several years of economic boom (Other asian countries also had similar experiences during late 1990s too).

Same kind of burst happen in United States during 2000 (Tech bubble) and 2006 (Housing bubble). I plan to write about process of bubble economy soon.
My point here is: if more people understand about detail of bubble economy (why and how it is created), much less people will be victimized and destitute due to bubble burst. I am sure that if people can tell whether or not this boom is artificial due to bubble forming, they would not invest in or expand the business……..

In takeshiyashima blog Takeshi written more details about this Article. Here i just written the magnetic part of his article. Go to

Gold Silver Update_July-17

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Dear friends
in valuable goods are the popular topics now a days. Even after crash of
2008 Gold price is increasing and experienced its greatest rise in prices
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experiencing the consolidation, here comes the time where one can experience
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