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Article of the Week: Federal Reserve Partial Audit

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Thanks for your subscription.  I came across with several articles stating about result of Fed’s partial audit.
Instead of $800 billion TARP bailout bill that government was claiming in late 2008, Fed virtually gave away whopping $16 trillion to those international bankers.
How big is $16 trillion?  US GDP is around $15 trillion.  They gave away more than entire US GDP to those bankers.  This is obviously a staggering number…Think about where this money came from?  Of course, this money came from of tax payer via inflation (By the way, Fed and bankers know that they can always let tax payers pick up their tab…)
People should be outraged what Fed has done to us. Unfortunately, most of masses won’t even see (or understand) this information since main stream media (MSM) will never broadcast openly about this.But, make no mistake about it.  If people don’t understand this, they will be slaughtered financially as their wealth will be completely transferred to those people who understand this.To read this week’s article, Click here.
Now, China already announced 800 trillion Yuan stimulus program and ECB President Mario Draghi also announced unlimited bond purchase.  I will give you what this means in most simplistic form:Unlimited bond purchase = QE to InfinityAlso, with disappointing August employment figure, Ben Bernanke may announce another dose of QE program in this week’s FOMC meeting.

If this happens, currency wars will officially start and price of commodities will start to skyrocket. Of course, gold and silver are not exception as price of both gold and silver has increased dramatically over 2 – 3 weeks period.  Becoming your own central bank by owning gold and silver is more important than ever before. Click here for more information about buying gold and silver at wholesale price.

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